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Evo one no longer recognizes antenna after bypass programming

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Was having an issue where the car would not lock after remote start was performed. After trying to reset some of the settings and reinstalling the rf kit no longer worked. Tried master reset and it started working again but then bypass was unprogrammed so had to reprogram decryptor. After that it stopped working and no longer gives horn honk or light on antenna when trying to go intoprogramming. Lights show it is in programming on the evoone. Rf kit is OL-RF-15-SST. Remote start software is .44 per install guide.
asked Apr 18, 2023 in Subaru by Xavier Russell (130 points)

1 Answer

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Please do the following. 

  1. Flash version 1.26
  2. RESET the RS side (not the bypass) :
  3. Flash 0.44
  4. Set whichever RS options you need for your vehicle
  5. PRogram the remotes.
answered Apr 19, 2023 by Robert T (298,130 points)