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How does EVO-ALL protect from CAN attack?

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I recently heard about "CAN" attack. An attacker would break the headlight, and gain access to the CAN bus. Once they have access, they can have full control of the system, and will be able to unlock door and start the car.

Does EVO-ALL protect from such kind of an attack? As far as I understand, EVO module also plugs into the CAN bus to manage all the functionality.
asked Apr 10, 2023 in Lexus by Jay Aura (130 points)

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No the evo all does not block can bus communcication. The evo-all works in conjunction with the vehicles can network depending on the vehicle to provide statuses related to remote starting.


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answered Apr 11, 2023 by derek g (330,430 points)
Thank you for the response!