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Is there a minimum EvoOne hardware revision for 2019 Honda Passport ?

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Yesterday we have installed an EvoOne with THAR-ONE-HON8 harness and followed instructions for a takeover install on a customer's 2019 Honda Passport.

The EvoOne's remote start functionality works, but when I unlock the door and get inside (I've tried proximity fob, OEM fob unlock button, MyStart unlock) and I push "start" once (or multiple times), nothing happens. The push to start button keeps pulsing its white led instead of turning red.

When I hit the brakes after a few seconds of pressing "Start" once, the car shuts down.

The EvoOne is a few years old and might not be the latest  hardware revision. Is there a hardware limitation ? Or is there something else I'm missing ?

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asked Apr 8, 2023 in Honda by Francois Champagne (130 points)

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What is the S/N number to the evo-one in question? This number is located on the back of the evo-one.


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answered Apr 11, 2023 by derek g (330,430 points)