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2018 Subaru Crosstrek - to hook up yellow/red wire & the yellow/green wire to the immo data

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At the junction box, on pin 36, I have a black wire, not a red/white wire.  Is this the wire I want?  Or do I need to find this connection somewhere else?
asked Feb 18 in Subaru by Daniel Frese (130 points)

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A couple questions first please so I can provide accurate information:

- is the vehicle key or pts?

- are you using a t-harness? If so which one?

- is the vehicle based in the USA or Canada?

Best regards.
answered Feb 20 by derek ! (291,410 points)
2018 subaru crosstrek push to start , in the usa ,useing evo one with t harness ,thar-one- sub2 ,connection at junction box you say should be a red/white wire, in that position i have a black wire . no red/white wire in the green plug, is there another location to hook up the yellow /red wire and yellow /green wire for immo data

Since you are in the usa, you are not connecting anything at the junction connector behind the fuse box.

You simply cut the jumper off the yellow/red & yellow/green, then run the loose yellow/red and yellow/green to the corresponding colors.


Im no artist but hopefully the drawing below will help explain it.