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Cant figure out how to program my 2014 camaro

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Evo all

SN:001A07 254011

I have tried so many programming instructions but nothing works. I ether get a solid blue light when i need a blinking blue light or I get a solid red and yellow when I need a 10 blinking yellow.
asked Jan 25, 2023 in Chevrolet by drew traylor (130 points)

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This module was already programmed once but i assume it did not work. It did not work as a stand alone remote starter because the the Stand Alone Remote Starter option is not enabled; Option D1.

When going through the Flash Link setup, under "Installation Type" , you must select the option that says "Stand Alone Remote Starter Only" and not Aftermarket remote starter.


For the programming in car , if the blue led sttays on solid, this typically means ignition is not present. You will have to test the YELLOW wire from the 20-pin connector. There should be power there when you turn the key on. If there is no power there, the DLIS fuse on your vehicle is popped.
answered Jan 25, 2023 by Robert T (296,500 points)
Thank you for responding!

So I had the unit flashed to the wrong setting of aftermarket remote starter when it should be "stand alone remote starter only"? Do I need to reflash to that program?

I believe I did not have a good OBD connection and that's why my blue light was solid. Now I try to start my car, it cranks, but not successfully starts. The driver door unlocks then stops the remote start process.

also, when I try to select "stand alone remote starter" I don't have any of those keys. I only have the OEM key that came with my car.