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2016 Lexus is350

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I got to the point blue led blinking with the ignition on, after turn off the ignition the blue led keep blinking, suppose to go off. Redo the step couple of times, and refrashed as well but never work. Always with the blinking blue and the remote didn't work.
asked Jan 23 in Lexus by tony zhao (130 points)

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What is the S/N number to the evo please.


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answered Jan 23 by derek g (314,100 points)
Sn:001A07 457928
Please perform a master reset:


Once the master reset is done please re attempt in vehicle programming.
Did that.  Now every time when connect to 4pin the evo all just show red led light. Nothing work
Thank you I was able to reset it, but now I'm still stuck at blinking blue led even when ignition off.
Please flash firmware 79.66, perform the master reset, then re attempt programming.
I did 79.65, 79.69, 79.70 all have the same result.

Here what is happen right now. Plug in the 4pin power cable.

get to the solid blue.

plug in the 16pin cable. The blue led goes off(should stay on, but I don't why it goes off) plug in the rest of the cables.

turn on the ignition

it make alot of cracking sound, and my steering wheel locks ligh come on.

blinking blue led go on

turn off ignition, blinking blue stay on(should be off) remote start have no response.

the Car engine wouldn't even start. Even when pressing the brake and push start. It only start after I put everything back to normal.

the module sees 12v on the yellow wire all the time. This should test as ignition and not 12V constant. 

I don't know, I got the t harness toy6. Come with the package I bought from
Is there anyway to change it?,  the harness is a plug and play, trying to call the mpc customer service they never pick up. I spent over 5hours trying to figure out. And bought 2 evo all module. One of them already have frash limited.