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Hood pin wire 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

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Where would I need to tap the pink/black wire from the Evo one for the hood pin switch on the interior? I believe it's on the body control module but I'm not sure which connector or wire. I would rather use the factory hood switch if possible rather than installing the aftermarket one and not have  to run a wire through the firewall. Thanks
asked 2 weeks ago in Toyota by Gerard Morris (130 points)

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If the vehicle is equipped with an OEM hood switch then you do not need to connect the evo-one's hood pin wire. The evo-one will detect it through data automatically.


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answered 2 weeks ago by derek ! (286,090 points)
Thanks for responding. A little more info....It did not come with the hood switch but the wire harness was there (white/black wire and red wire) so I ordered a switch from Toyota and installed it but It still does not stop it from starting when the hood is open. I grounded the pink/black wire from the Evo and it then does not start so I know the Evo is programmed right....
In this case you will need to wire in your own hood switch.

More than likley the feature is not turned on in the bcm for the hood switch since your vehicle did not come with one from factory.

As you mentioned when pink black is grounded it will not remote start, when the ground is removed it will remote start, so this is how you would also want the swtich you install to function.


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