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How Exactly do you bypass the clutch on a Manual Transmission?

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I have read a bunch of responses regarding clutch bypass for manual transmission vehicles. Some say to splice to the clutch switch, others say use a 180 ohm resistor. Both the T-Harness manual and the regular install manual have NO mention of manual transmission using the A5 white wire (im assuming) or where/how to install.

1) how do I tell if my clutch is Negative or Positive?

2) Do I need a resitor in line of the A5 White wire? Is this the correct wire?

3) Does it matter which wire on the clutch switch I splice to?


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Honda Civic 2009 Regular Key Manual Transmission
asked Jan 22, 2023 in Honda by Jer Low (140 points)

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1- you test it with a multimeter to determine the polarity.

2- on a 09 civic you should not need a resistor.

3- yes it matters, a wrong connection will permanently damage the module or even worse the vehicle, which is why you should always test it first to determine the polarity of the circuit.


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answered Jan 23, 2023 by derek g (323,350 points)