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Elantra 2009 Ready mode not engaging

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2009 elantra manual model with clutch switch bypassed.

When trying to activate ready mode, the ligths flashes 3 times but upon turning the ignition off, the engine stops and when attempting to remote start it flashes 3 times indicating ready mode not set.

The ignition 1 and ignition 2 wire are connected. Accessory wire is wired to accessory also. Yellow wire from evo one goes to clutch switch.


Key was bypassed and door locks work. I'm thinking it doesn't engage into ready mode as the unit doesn't see engine RPM on the CAN maybe ? Because using the RF as the only setting to engage ready mode still didn't work.


Thank you
asked Jan 21 in Hyundai by charles laf (130 points)
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What is the S/N number located on the back of the module please.


When you programmed the unit in the vehicle and the blue led was flashing, was the red led on?


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answered Jan 23 by derek g (314,100 points)
Let me get back to you with that. I can't remember. If it helps, I currently have the unit working in automatic mode (just to test if my install is ok)

It's working fine in auto mode even with the rpm input coming in as data mode also. That would mean that it's not missing the RPM but maybe the parking brake input, to properly engage ready mode but again, selecting the ready mode option with RF only didn't work.

Thanks for the help !