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I can't program the device for 2013 Ford Mustang

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Hi I have an Evo-All product,

I updated the device with flash link by choosing Ford > 2013 > Mustang > Automatic > Standalone Remote Starter Only > 3x lock remote start > No RF Kit

Decryiptor YES
Key Programming 1

Regarding the guide (

- I release the button when it's red.
- I attached remaining cables
- I click button once
x red light is not flash
x I tried anyway I put key and open Ignition however It did not do any action.

Here I tried to explain

Yesterday I tried to program 2 keys. Also no success :( However I clicked lock button 3 times. After that car gives immobiliser error. When I put my car key manually, car started automatically.

After car started I clicked 3 times lock button again then car stopped.

Here also another demonstration about that

Demonstration for 2 keys

The firmware on the device is 71.52 [recommended]
Hardware inside 7.0

Hope I could explain good.

Best regards
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Looking at the video it would appear that you never connected the yellow, or wires from the 20 pin connector to the t-harness (page 4).


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answered 2 weeks ago by derek ! (286,090 points)
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Hi Derek,


Thank you for your reply.


If I understand good, just to clarify;


Light blue --> Light Blue
Light blue/black strip --> Light blue/black strip
Yellow --> Yellow

Connections are mandatory, right?

Hereby I send more clear picture about thar wiring. Since I only need remote start with my car key, other cables are optional I believe.

This should be fine If I'm not wrong, what is your opinion?

Image URL


Thanks a lot.

Here I try to send image


Image URL

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Hi @Derek,


Now I tried and succes.


Actually previously I had the same cable connection but I used cable scotch lock. I believe it did not establish the connection. Now I just attached the cables to eachother with normal way and it worked.


Thank you


Best regards
answered 2 weeks ago by Ferhat (340 points)