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Cannot lock/unlock doors from RFK441

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Hi, I installed an Evo All with NIST1 to an Infiniti G35 2007 with PTS and an RFK441 kit. The car will remote start with the RFK441 remote, but I cannot get it to unlock or lock the doors. Any ideas what is going on or what I could check? I can see the lights on the Evo and RF Antenna light up when I press the lock and unlock buttons, and the Parker lights also light up as well. S/N of Evo: 001A07391493
asked 2 weeks ago in Infiniti by Steve Nah (210 points)
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You need to wire up or pin door locks on this vehicle for them to work from the rf kit.


On the evo it is the white (a5 lock) and green (a4 unlock) wires from the 20 pin connector.


The guide does not show stand alone wiring for door locks on the evo, however you can use it for pin location at the bcm, reference the info above for which wires to use on the evo-all.

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answered 2 weeks ago by derek ! (286,090 points) Derek, can you confirm these are the correct locations for the 16 pin drivers door window switch? These spots on my switch appear to be empty! I have marked where you suggested they go. Also, can you tell me what the wires you are asking me to tap into are grounds or 12v?
HHmmm yeah those should be the locations.


This means you have to go to the bcm then. Can you please provide a image of the bcm connector and which empty pins you were connected to.


Ground can be anywere on the vehicle as long as it is a clean metal surface that is connected to the body. 12V is grabbed at the brake switch according to the installation guide.
Sure. Front view (highlighted cables as photo is blurry) Back view Instructions I followed

The information I have comes back to the same thing you posted. I have no reports in any of our system for the empty pins not working.

I have also cross referenced it with competitors diagrams as well as the manufactureurs diagrams and they all come back to these 2 pins. I am at a loss as I do not know what to suggest if these pins do not work.


OK. The empty pin spots in the BCM, are they strictly for cars with factory OEM alarms? Mine does not have one. I believe I will have to find a way through the window switch on the drivers door. Thanks for your help anyway.