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Possible bug in Evo-One firmware regarding trunk

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Car:  2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, Push-To-Start

Evo-One stand alone: Latest firmware ( 76.65 ) with recommended settings for both the bypass and remote starter sections. Using OEM remote 3x lock button for starting.

I've been having what seemed like a random issue where remote starting the car would intermittently cause the trunk to release. Have now figured out the scenario that causes it, and not sure if there's any setting options currently that would apply

The recommended settings have the "Unlock before/relock after start" for OEM alarm disarming enabled as it's required. But if the fob is within range of the rear hatch RF antenna when the Evo does the unlock/lock sequence, it causes the trunk to release. The hatch actuator is likely being told to open on every start, but it will only do so if it detects the fob.

I've verified this is not an oddity of the car, as standing next to the rear hatch and hitting the unlock button on the fob does not pop the trunk, only the trunk button on the fob or pressing the physical release button on the hatch will open it. That implies an additional CAN message is being sent by the Evo to control the trunk in addition to one for the doors.

I would assume this message is supposed to be one that unlocks it rather than open it, but I don't think this trunk actuator has a lock/unlock function. As it will only open with the trunk button on the fob, or when the physical button on the hatch is pressed and the fob is within range. Effectively meaning it's always locked.

Any known settings that could change this behaviour? If not, possible chance of a fix via firmware update?

Thanks in advance.
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I would try turning off trunk release (A2) in the evo options?


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answered 2 weeks ago by derek ! (286,090 points)
Option A2 is already off as per the recommended settings.
In that case perhaps try rolling the firmware back, just about any 76.xx series firmware should work on that vehicle. You will need to re program it though once you roll the firmware back.
Is there any information as to why you think that may solve the issue? Minimum firmware version required for the car is 76.60, and the only changes I see in the firmware notes of those versions is additional vehicles supported.
Turn off D2