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o3 monte carlo wont remote start getting power not cranking over

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i installed evo-all and after market remote starter on me 03 monte carlo flashed module then did install #3 and program #3. now remote starter turns on power to car but dose not crank over. i checked the wiring over and over looks good. if i have the key in ignition and in on postion the rs starts the car . any info would be greatly apperiated. is there something else i need to try to bypass. the three time lock to start on origial remote isn't working either.
asked Jan 16 in Chevrolet by Robert Henry (130 points)

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What is the service number to the module?

Also when you remote start the vehicle, what do the lights on the evo do?

If the key is in the on position and it remote starts it sounds like the ignition switch may not be wired correctly.


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answered Jan 16 by derek g (314,100 points)