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when using the evostart2, green light flashes and than amber light flashes and car doesn't start.

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yellow ignition wire is connected to purple/yellow wire of the evo all. the remote works with 3 buttons.


evostart programming has been completed multiple times
asked Jan 16 in Audi by yahyah naheed (130 points)

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Amber after green means the antenna cannot talk to the evo. Please perform the validation test listed on page 13 of the guide shown below.


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answered Jan 16 by derek g (314,100 points)
I have tried everything, doesn't seem to work. I have the evo-all with evo start 2 and audi harness. it works with the factory remote but not with the evo start 2. driving me crazy. tried pretty much every combination of setting yet nothing. Please help!!!
What is the S/N number located on the back side of the module please. Perhaps you are missing an option.


You can always call into our technical support line to be walked through the set up and programming of the antenna as well. This would be the fastest way to get your issue resolved. 1-877-336-7797
HI Derek,

Thanks for the response, unfortunately, my wife has the car during business hours which is why calling in wouldnt work. can i have your email to send you the s/n im not very comfortable posting it here

I understand but you may have to schedual time to be able to call in with the vehicle to get the issue resolved. Not all issues can be resolved via chat/email.


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