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Problem with EVO-ONE

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Problem with EVO-ONE

Hello everyone
I buy and connect my evo-one this instruction and programming
But i have some problems and questions with this product.
I used this instruction

1. On Flashlink manager show recommended firmware 76.31 but on pdf instruction 76.60 (only works 76.31 on 76.60 not programming)
2. On my car i select diesel mode and 6 minutes running but only work 4 minutes
3. Diesel mode function 18, Delay between ignition power up and starter mode not working. ( Work without delay )
4. My big problem. When the remote started after 4 minutes engine shut down and open my car trunk.

Car: Kia Sorento 2011 Push to Start Diesel
Firmware version: 76.31 and 1.26
Evo One Serial number:   002B04 138126Problem with EVO-ONE
asked 3 weeks ago in Kia by Elnur Qahramanov (290 points)

1 Answer

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I checked all connections and car trunk button and key trunk open button not stick
answered 3 weeks ago by Elnur Qahramanov (290 points)