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System no longer receive command from remote

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Mazda 5 2014

EVO-ALL and E400

Remote FTX75


Everything worked fine for many years then the power fuse for E400 module burned, I changed it and tried to reconnect my 2nd remote using RF751W guide didn't worked but then the first remote only available fonction was unlock doors (i changed for new batteries and both remotes no longer work). 


Now when I try to link a remote after step 2 (using valet switch) the LED on the antena flashes rapidly. Then I select option 5 (five horn chirp and brake light flash) and the LED stop flashing. press the brake and release pedal once and press correct buttons on remote but there is no confirmation from antenna's LED.

I turn off the ignition and the parking lights falshes 4 times. (indication of a reset)


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


asked 3 weeks ago in Mazda by Jordan Arpin (130 points)

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