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CL6 / Evo-One - Not Communicating?

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Reposting because, well, the first thread will never been seen again and the answer missed important points


Please read the whole thing.


Eclipse Cross, 2018, SE

Latest firmware for starter and bypass. Loaded recommended options and confirmed the options specified in the setup PDF for the car were set. Using the MITS2 harness.

3x lock works for remote start works.

Tried various (3?) methods of syncing, all of which seemed to work, however, device still only shows it's own information (battery voltage, GPS, and "connected" icon)

Yes, using the crossover cable. Yes using the right port on the evo-one (blue).  

Tried sending the unlock command/lock command at the last steps of the sync. Door open and door closed. Didn't seem to matter. 

Tried switching the protocol in the app to something else then back to Fortin.

Confirmed the "datalink" protocol is Fortin 2  

Previously, this carlink was used with an evo-all for a different car and it worked great. Now it does not. 


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If the module is setup for 3xlock, press unlock prior to trying to pair the Mycar. The EVO-ONE will not allow pairing of any RF or Telematics while it is in armed state (last command received was lock). 


When programming, take a look at the red led on the BACK of the EVO-ONE near the yellow loop. Not the red led on the top of the module. 

  1. Ignition ON-OFF-ON, RED LED will turn on solid
  2. Press and Release the brakes 4 times, RED LED will blink once per brake press. 


At this point, that RED LED should be blinking rapidly. The MyCar would also autopair. 

Turn ignition off and try it out. 


If it still fails after the above, please contact support directly as it may be easier to see what is going on. 

answered 3 weeks ago by Robert T (284,630 points)
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The point of the above comment is to find out if your red led is acting as it should..
I was close to giving up and figured it out.

The root cause?

I found a picture of the ASCL6 online. It's cable shows blue white to white blue on it's own harness. Mine is straight through blue/white to blue/white.

Removed the LLRS crossover and now it syncs and works.

Perhaps they made two different harnesses. I don't know. Their documentation shows their harness as straight through as well.

Thanks for answering again. There's no way this wasn't an edge case out of an edge case lol