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Why won't my Evo-One move past step 4 on programming?

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I have verified the correct firmware, proper voltage on yellow wire A1, and correct can-bus wiring.I have constant 12v with a good ground. When I turn the ignition to run the blue led that is supposed to flash 10x's turns off. I installed accordind to the install guide provided through fortin's website.I have followed the troubleshooting guide and get stuck after confirming all 5  steps

The first 3 steps in the programming are very straight forward. If you cannot pass these steps verify the following:
1- Firmware: Ensure you have flashed the correct firmware to the module as indicated in the installation guide.
2- Power & Ground: Verify the module is receiving a constant 12 volts and has a good ground.
3- Yellow Wire (A1): Verify this wire is on the correct ignition wire. Their should be 0 Volts present during the first 3 steps.

If the Blue led does not flash common issues would be the following:

1- Yellow wire (A1): Not connected to correct ignition source.
2- Can Bus Wires: If these are reversed or connected to the wrong can bus wires the module will not program.

asked Jan 10 in Kia by n h (230 points)

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What is the make, model, year and transmission type of the vehicle?

Does the vehicle have an immobilizer?

What is the 12 digit service number of the module?
answered Jan 10 by Robert T (291,420 points)
2013 kia soul auto trans without immobilizer. sn# 002804253078
2013 kia soul auto transmission w/o immobilizer. sn:002B04 253078