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Wiring EVO-ALL 2006-Chevy-Trailblazer

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I am installing a EVO-ALL on a 2006 Trailbalzer LS. The diagram only shows 4 wire connections. I want to trigger using the factory remotes. Am I missing somehting. It shows Connection 3 with Program 3.
asked Nov 16, 2022 in Chevrolet by Frank Jolly (130 points)

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The evo-all will not start a 06 blazer, it is only used as immobilizer bypass, it is supposed to be paired with a remote starter. if you looked under remote starts, evo all does not have a green check mark next to remote start.


3x lock from the oem remote is also not a supported feature.


For that vehicle you would need an evo-all and remote starter/remotes, or use an evo one with an rf kit. *flash link updater required to configure module for the vehicle.


Best regards.
answered Nov 16, 2022 by derek ! (302,020 points)