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2006 nissan xterra evo all with prostart ct3371- starts but doesnt stop until you press the remote starter again

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so i installed an evo all with a prostart remote starter  ct3371from canadian tire. lock and unlock works and it also starts and stops with the remote. but we noticed that when we start it, it doesnt stop running after 15-30mins. it will only stop running after we press the remote start on the remote fob again.

i installed all the evo all and the pro start using guide 78161 which is for 2006 nissan xterra.

i installed all the solid lines from the starter. and the evo all. i also installed the broken line connections lock and unlock from the starter to the car and the broken line driver door pin connection  from the evo all to the car. i also connection the GWR from starter to evo all.

only thing i skipped is the security LED connection which require cutting a wire thats why i skipped it.

am i missing something? do i have to connect all the broken line connection from starter to evo all?

thanks in advance for the help. i really appreciate you guys responding so quickly to questions. you guys are awesome. thanks again.
asked 3 weeks ago in Nissan by mervin dulce (450 points)

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Also remember if it's diesel times or doubled
answered 3 weeks ago by john lance (620 points)
Its gas engine. And also correction to my post. Its shuts off after 15mins. But if you use it like inserting the key. After that it wont shut off
Any input guys? Thanks in advance.