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2014 Lincoln mkt with evo one will remote start with mycar but wont unlock, lock, or pop the trunk?

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blue light flashes when sending signal through mycar app, did complete regular installation, car will remote start with 3x oem remote as well.
asked 3 weeks ago in Lincoln by ADAM DONKLE (130 points)

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What is the S/N number to the evo please.
answered 3 weeks ago by derek ! (278,800 points)
serial number on one of them is 002bo4 291070, I had a second unit sitting on the shelf so I tried that one as well, I would have to pull the dash panel back down to get that units serial number.


Please try firmware 71.47, re program it to the vehicle and re test the features.

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I tried 71.47 after you press the yellow button 3 times the module would just flash all three lights instead of the solid yellow. Tried redoing that step multiple times with the same results.  They needed the car so i put it back to the software recommended firmware and it programmed just fine. remote start works but still no locks or trunk.


In that case I would suggest sticking with 0.57 since that allows it to remote start, but you will have to hardwire the door locks and trunk if you want them to work from the app.


Lock: at BCM/Dash fuse box, Black 26 pin connector, Pin 6 - Blue

Unlock: at BCM/Dash fuse box, Black 26 pin connector, Pin 8 - Yellow

Power liftgate: at power liftgate switch, black 6 pin connector pin 6 - grey/yellow


You may also need to enable option 35.2 or 35.3 for it to dis arm the vehicles oem alarm when sending unlock from the app.


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