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2013 Rogue with standard key will not remote start

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I bought this Rogue used with the the Evo-All and Pursuit Pro9776C remote starter installed.  It worked perfectly for a week or so then stopped.  Now when locked, remote starting will trigger the alarm.  If it is unlocked with the remote, it starts the start sequence and all lights on the dash light up and the doors do an unlock sequence, but then nothing.  I can leave key in the barrel and disconnect all but red connector on the Evo-All and it will go through the start sequence 3 times and it will start for a secord or so and shut down.  I have successfully made sure that the tach sense is working properly.  What other connections should I take a look at?
asked Nov 8, 2022 in Nissan by Phillip Jones (130 points)

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In terms of the alarm, as shown in the installation guide above, this is control via the pursuit unit via the lock and unlock connections, not the evo.


If you unplug everything except the red connector and provide the vehicle the key it should remote start at this point and run for a good 5-10 seconds untill the rs does not detect a tach signal then it will shut down. You have given the vehicle the factory immobilizer code (the key). If it does not remote start and run for 5-10 seconds you will need to dig deeper into why your pursuit unit is not starting and letting the vehicle run.


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answered Nov 8, 2022 by derek ! (302,020 points)
Well, I was checking out the wiring on this thing to make sure everything was ok.  I noticed the steering wheel not locking and thought that may have something to do with the issue.  To make this short, not evo won't program past step 5 in the guide.  When I turn the key to make the red light come on, it just flashes red 2 times and nothing else but the yellow light on.  Won't start with key now, all lights come on, alarm arms and disarms, everything else works but starting the car.
If your vehicle no longer starts with the key, go over the wiring you have touched, you have either broken a connection, not plugged in a connector or blwon a fuse on the vehicle.