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Takeover Issue with 2021 Mazda CX-30

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I am having an issue with Takeover with my 2021 Mazda CX-30 GT Turbo (Canada) and EVO-One with T-Harness.

If I remote start the vehicle using either the OEM keyfob (lock-unlock-lock) or with one of my two-way remotes via RF Kit, I can't successfully complete a takeover.

I unlock via door handle (advanced keyless entry), sit down, and hit the push button ignition twice, but receive a notification via dash of a Keyless Ignition System issue, and to have the vehicle checked.

Any ideas?  Running the latest firmware for both Bypass and RS as of today (Nov 4, 2022).
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asked Nov 5, 2022 in Mazda by Dave Reichert (150 points)
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Takeover does not involve hitting the PTS button 2 times. 

OEM Remotes need to be atleast 15 ft away.

  1. Remote start car
  2. Unlock
  3. Get in
  4. Press brake
  5. Drive away


Page 11 of the installation guide have this procedure:

answered Nov 7, 2022 by Robert T (291,420 points)
Confirmed.  RTFM for the win.