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Q60 starts but does not shift gears

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Heres what happens.... serial#001A07 234189

    using 3x lock, the car attempts to start but stalls. A few seconds later, it automatically tries again and succeeds in starting.

    Upon entering the vehicle, however, i cannot shift out of park.

    the windows do not go up/down. The car does not lock/unlock using the keyfob.


    i spliced the 2 wires in the white 15-pin connector. I wired them to the red/black cables on the THarness. The ends that run through the wiring harness are the ends i wired(not the ends sticking out of the connector). I'm not sure whats going on.
asked Sep 19, 2022 in Infiniti by matthew barrett (130 points)

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Sounds like possibly one of the connectors at the bcm is not making a solid contact. please uninstal the t-harness, inspect all pins and wire routing and re install ensuring you get a solid click sound from each connector as it is seated.


Best Regards.
answered Sep 20, 2022 by derek ! (302,020 points)
Ok. I double checked and reseated the connectors. It is still doing the same thing.


    to clarify(because i feel like this may have something to do with it)

    Pins 2&5 on the 15-pin connector have been cut. The cut ends that are attached to the connector are not wired into the bcm or the tharness-- they are just sticking out. I wired the long ends of these wires to the tharness, the ends that run up through the dash.
Please provide picture(s) of the cut and connections you are referring to. This will make it easier to understand for me.
these are the 2 wires i cut   view of how they look from the connector currently   view of the long ends showing connected to the 2 tharness wires
You are supposed to splice into them. Not cut them off like that. The vehicles wire should remain intact end to end and you simply splice into them with the power and ground from the evo.


This is more than likley your issue.
this definitely resolved the issue with shifting gears and the windows/locks.

The only thing i notice strange now, is that the car still cranks/stalls but does not start... then about 4 seconds later, it tries again and instantly starts.
i would suggest now that you have re connected those wires, to re program and re run dcryptor on the evo.