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2013 Hyundai Accent

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Hi there! I am having the next problem. When installing the Evo one on my 2013 Hyundai Accent the blue programming light turns off when I turn the car on and the light comes back on when I turn it off  have the can wires on the right ones do I need the can wires to use the remote start? What options do I need to change the serial number of my evo one is 002B04 247461 The wiring is correct and have verified continuity.  Voltages on the CAN wires are roughly 2.35 and 2.65. Could you help me please, what going on? Thanks you
asked Sep 8, 2022 in Hyundai by Munito (1,350 points)

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Is the vehicle equipped with an automatic or manual transmission?
answered Sep 8, 2022 by derek ! (302,020 points)
selected Sep 9, 2022 by Munito
Automatic transmission
"voltages on the CAN wires are roughly 2.35 and 2.65."   Which color wire on the evo can bus connector had what voltage reading?
Gray and gray black
if grey has 2.35 and grey/black has 2.65 as you stated, this would indicate your can wires are currently backwards. Which would explain why it will not program.
In option 20.2 of remote start, shouldn't I change anything? In case the cables are interchanged and the problem continues once you connect them correctly. Shouldn't I change this option?
If you changed them and it still does not program can bus, Yes enable option 20.2 and forget about programming the can bus all together.