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module not blinking rapidly at step 5

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Hello Team, I have gotten the RF Kit (RFK411) as advised but while trying to start the programming all over, I observed that the red light on the device remained solid as it was supposed to flash rapidly about 10 times as stated in step 5. I have tried reprogramming all over again several times but the red light still remains solid on step 5 and this has prevented me from going to the next step. Will the check for the Rx and Tx connections be via a remote connection to the module? Although I saw clearly that the red light blinked rapidly during the initial programming and several other times as attempt was being made to get the vehicle to start via the OEM remote without the RF Kit. It was after I made an inquiry and tried reprogramming all over again that I observed it was not blinking rapidly and still stayed solid when the vehicle was turned on with the press and release of the programming button. EVO-ONE S/N: 002B04 171979
asked Sep 3, 2022 in Lexus by Prince Adetokunbo (160 points)

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programming of the RF-KIT uses the 4th LED on the BACK of the module where the yellow loop is. For programming the RF-KIT, you are not using the programming button on the unit. You use either the VALET button, or follow the secondary method mentionned in the RF programming guide.


programming of the key relies only on the Rx-Tx connections and the IGNITION connection.
answered Sep 6, 2022 by Robert T (289,650 points)