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2016 Cadillac ATS Evo-all installed now door locks will lock and unlock on their own all the time.

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I installed the evo-all along with fortin t-harness in a 2016 Cadillac ATS. I double checked im on the correct firmware and all options seem to be correct. The issue im having is the door locks will lock and unlock on their own. This will happen while driving or even when the car is parked. It happens all the time. I uninstalled the evo-all setup and the issue is now completely gone so it was something to do with the evo-all. Any help would be great. Thanks!
asked 2 weeks ago in Cadillac by Branman11 (170 points)

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Take a look a the t-harness,

  • there is a plug labeled EVO-ONE
  • there is a plug labeled EVO-ALL


Ideally, the one labelled EVO-ALL should be connected to where is indicated in the guide. If the one labled EVo-ONE is connected, it will do exactly as you described.  


Here is the install guide,

answered 1 week ago by Robert T (274,990 points)
Thank you for the response. I did verify the correct plug is being used. Unless the plugs were labeled wrong. The wiring going to the evo-all plug is pink/black and a white wire.
Those are the proper colors.

Leave that connecter disconnected as it's only really required on vehicles without the Onstar button. And, is only needed to control doorlocks from aftermarket remotes in those cases.

What is the 12 digit service number (s/n) of the EVO-ALL? It is written on the back of the module.
Ok so don't even connect the connector that says evo-all? I don't have the module handy at the moment but I will reply a little later. Thanks so much for your responses!
It's not really necessary for your setup as its typically only for controlling doorlocks from aftermarket remotes.


With the service number we can see what is enabled in the unit.
Robert the SN number is 001A07015558
Everything looks good to go there.

Re-install everything without that extra plug connected. No need to reprogram as the unit is already programmed for your car. It's the only thing i can see activating your doorlocks as they are directly tied to the vehicles lock-unlock wires.


Also, any unsused wiring from the evo 20-pin connector, like the purple & purple/white, should all be tapped up and isolated. A ground signal touching those 2 specific wires tells the module to lock-unlock the car.
Ok thanks for checking it out. I have all the unnecessary wires isolated that hopefully I'm good there as well.