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Hi, can you verify starter wire location for 2015 Hyundai azera?

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I started installing Evo one on 2015 Hyundai azera, the ignition wires are big 12 gauge wire and the starter is wire is tint, like 20 or 22 gauge and the starter wire from Evo one is big thick wire. Also do you know where the horn wire is located? Do I just turn on alarm function and hookup the horn?
asked Jul 15 in Hyundai by julio pelayo (1,550 points)

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Just because the evo has a large gauge wire, does not mean it is always going to put out alot of amperage.


If you want to be sure you have grabbed the correct starter wire, simply test it. It should show 12V only when the vehicles engine in physically cranking over.
answered Jul 15 by derek (266,150 points)
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Starter wire, pink/black, positive, dash fuse box, white 55 pin plug , pin 55
answered Jul 19 by Haidar Jabbar (20,990 points)