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2016 Honda cry smart entry warning light

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hello, the remote start is installed in a 2016 Honda CRV, after install the smart entry warning light stays on when the car is restarted after opening the door.

i reprogramed the eve-one and still the same error light.

is there a updated software version available?
asked Jul 12 in Honda by olaf moonen (130 points)

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After you open the door and the vehicle shuts down, if you wait 5-10 seconds before re starting the vehicle is the message still there?


Do you get the message when starting the vehicle normally?


Can you please rpovide the S/N number located on the back of the evo?
answered Jul 12 by derek (266,150 points)
Hello Derik, The smart entry warning will come on every time i start the car. when i disconnect the Evo-one the error message will not come on.
the serial number is 002B04 249322
Thank you.
Can you specifiy which connector on the evo makes the message go away?
i have to disconnect the evo-one completely to turn of the smart entry warning light.
I would inspect the harness and the pins, sounds like perhaps something isnt fully seated or perhaps a pin is bent. There should be no message when starting the car normally.
i will check all the pins on the evo-one and the connectors.
i will keep you informed with my findings.
Thank you.

I checked all the pins and wiring, everything looks to be normal.

I completely reprogrammed the evo-one again and the smart entry warning light is still on after starting the car.

When i have the car running and i unplug the connector next to the main connector the light will go off. With this connector unplugged I can’t restart the car when i turn the car off.

I hope this information will help you.
What is the entire vin number to the vehicle?


What country is this vehicle located in?
the vin is:2HKRM4H50GH632965

location USA
At this point I would suggest you call into technical support for further assitance. be sure to be at the vehicle with module on hand.



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