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Rfk441 and Evo one no pairing

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I just installed an Evo one on my crv 07. Everything works fine. Can remote start the car with the oem remote pushing lock x3.

now I'm trying to pair the rfk441 with no luck.
I followed the guide start in on then off then on again press the pedal x4 but the led on the antena never flashed solid.
do I need to activate any function with the flashlink before I can pair the remotes? If so? Which functions?

thanks in advance
asked May 19 in RF-Kits by Antonio Reynoso (130 points)

1 Answer

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No options are needed.


Plug the antenna directly into the small blue port on the evo one.


Press unlock on the OEM remote.


Then follow the sequence in the guide:


ignition ON-OFF-ON

Brake pedal 4 times

The antenna should start flashing at this point.

Then on the remote press and hold the button, the blue led, will flash, then it will go out, then it will come back on solid, when it comes back on solid you let go of the button.

Repeat for 2nd remote.
answered May 19 by Derek (262,880 points)