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which model fit as remote starter for Acura RL 2010?

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As the info on your website, EVO-ONE and EVO-ALL fit ACURA RL 2010 but I prefer EVO-ALL becuse it is cheaper.So please let me know if it is fully functionl as remote starter with orginal fobkey of car (x3 lock).

Thank you

Nader Dana
asked 4 days ago in Acura by nader dana (220 points)

1 Answer

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The evo-all is not a remote starter and will not remote start your vehicle.


For that car you would need the following parts for rmeote start:

1- evo-one

2- rf kit

3- flash link updater


remote start from the factory remote is not supported.
answered 1 day ago by Derek (248,530 points)