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Evo all wiring for mycar

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I bought the evo all it came with the t harness and the cool start crimestopper and I bought the my car rf smart phone with it but it don't seem like no one can help you out I seen all the YouTube videos and I look it all up but it's no help I can get it to start the car if I get the lock button 3 x on the keys but when I go in the the system and program it to work with my phone I can unlock the doors and lock them but when I go and hit the start button on the phone on the evo all it will flash my parking lights and the red light will light up and it will not start the car am I missing something can someone please help me out
asked 4 days ago in Kia by Joseph blaede (130 points)

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What is the S/N number to the evo module?


What telematics piece are you using?


What guide # did you follow to pair the telematics piece to the evo?
answered 4 days ago by Derek (248,530 points)