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can i enable heated seats and horn on 2014 expedition

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i have a 2014 expedition and installed a evo one 912 rs.  I am hoping to have the heated seats enabled and the horn enabled as well.

Is it possible
asked 4 days ago in Ford by Kurbli1 (130 points)

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It is possible but it isnt something you enable, you would have to wire in the aux output (yellow/black) on the evo-one to the appropriate circuit/wire on the vehicle.


Then since you only have a 1 button remote you would have to activate option 39.2 for it to turn on when below 5'.
answered 4 days ago by Derek (248,530 points)
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adding to dereks comment

orange/black is the (-)horn output of the unit
answered 4 days ago by Robert T (272,030 points)