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Does changing EVO-ONE remote starter options after installation require re-run of DCRYPTOR process?

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EVO-ONE installed and working well in a 2017 Civic LX standard key. I found the wire to tap to control the rear defroster (White-Climate Control Unit behind glove box-32 pin connector, pin 21) but I wanted to find out if changing starter options and updating the unit will require a re-run of the DCRYPTOR process or will it just update the changed setting? I understand there is a limited number you can run before it has to be reset. Thanks!
asked 1 week ago in Honda by Chris Scanlon (300 points)

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Changing options on either the RS or Bypass will not require having to re-run the dcryptor. 


Updating the remote starter firmware, will not require a reprogram.

Updating the bypass firmware though would require a reprogram. Dont change bypass firmware, there is no reason to.

answered 1 week ago by Robert T (272,030 points)
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Thanks for the details, good information to have.