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Get a signal but won't start

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Hello I installed my Evo one about 2 year ago on my scion FRS 2013 it always worked but now for some reason it won't work after the night if I try it when at work it work but when I get home and set it up in the morning it get signal and parking light flashes but the car won't start... I have to get in the car and it work with the key.
asked Nov 25, 2021 in Scion by David Morin-Couture (130 points)

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How many times do the parking lights flash when you try to remote start it?
answered Nov 25, 2021 by Derek (262,880 points)
It took a couple of day to redo the problem so it's intermittent... It flashes 4 times.
4 flashes right away? or does the vehicle attempt to start, fail and then flash 4x?
Try to start then flash 4 time