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2011 Juke push to start manual trans, procedure for "ready mode" please

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EVO-ONE Not going into ready mode
asked 1 week ago in Nissan by Michael Mowat (220 points)

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Here are you options for ready mode:


Option 33 in the remote stater are your options for ready mode.
answered 1 week ago by Derek (240,940 points)
I've tried both of the first 2 settings in option 33 without success. the 2nd setting wants a tach input which the EVO ONE doesn't have. the first setting doesn't work either I'm at a rear loss here there's gotta be something I'm missing, HELP
In that case I would suggest contacting tech support when you are at the vehicle with the mdoule/updater.

I read through the link you sent me regarding the 4 options for ready mode.

It appears like those options are for a keyed ignition system this vehicle is push to start.

also, you must select 33.1 or 33.2 then you can select either or both of 33.3, 33.4 or neither

when I use 33.2 it seems to work intermittently but the parking lights flash 2 times each time I release the brake pedal when driving the vehicle without the remote start in play