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remote start no longer functioning, 2013 MDX

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2013 MDX auto with navigation option.

installed in 2018, REV 20180406,guide #57711. bypass firmware version 73.(26), program remote starater version 38.2, program bypass option C1

The unit was installed in 2018 and had worked fine through winter 2020/2021.  With the cold weather of fall 202, tried to use the unit and get no repsonse.

recently completed key bypass programming procedure and got to the end and all seemed fine.

i have been using the factory remote and the 3x lock feature to operate the remote starter.  

the hood pin has never been installed.  The yellow wire for auto trans is cut.  

1x lock-car locks and blue light flashes on module-parking lights flash

2x lock-car locks again and beeper sounds, blue light flashes on module and parking lights flash

3x lock, car locks again and beeper sounds again, blue lights flashes on module, parking lights flash-then the parking lights flash 1 additional time

no remote start.  

Please provide some guidance, thank you.
asked 1 week ago in Acura by peter bowers (130 points)

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that 1 extra flash you are getting at the end is a diagnostic code from the remote starter. The RED LED on the SIDE of the module would react the same way. 

  • 1 flash = module sees brake active
  • 3 flash = runtime expired or shut down by transmitter
  • 4 flash = valet mode enabled
  • 5 flash = hood open detected.


1 flash is brake detected as on. Verify that you do not have a burnt brake light or rear parking light. If the lights have been changed to LED lights, that is also a common problem as they tend to leek voltage into the brake line thus canceling out remote starters.

answered 1 week ago by Robb (266,470 points)
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