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Hyndai i30 MY21

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I have installed EVO one on Hyundai I30 MY 21 N-line. I know that there are not any solutions out there for newer i30's, but i hoped it will work, if i use Veloster programming sence they are very similar. I wired up everything as it should be. I have dealer schematics diagram and i looked up Veloster and I30 signals.

Now i am in situation, where Immo and can "teaching" is copleted as it should, but when i try to remote start, the car it recognises locking comand and i hear that relays are clicking, but car would't do anything. Is there a way that program is not working because of wrong car or i should connect something differently?

I am really hoping to get it to work on that car because it is my wives car and i work in Hyundai dealership.

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asked 1 week ago in Hyundai by aldis plakso (130 points)
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Unofrtunatly Fortin has no information for that vehicle since it does not exist in Canada.


Perhaps someone else on the forum will have information that can be of some help.
answered 1 week ago by Derek (240,940 points)