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2014 VW Tiguan EVO-All EVO-VWT6 TB-VW Starts, and shuts down, shows no key.

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2014 Tiguan, Standard Key, using EVO-All, Vwt6, and TB-VW along with THAR-TB-VW. The EVO-All programs fine and has been decrypted. Currently using the Factory FOB to 3x Lock to start. Vehicle starts and then shuts down displaying 'No Key'. No wires have been extended. Everything is connected and triple checked.
asked 1 week ago in Volkswagen by Piotr Garda (130 points)

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What is the S/N number on the back of the module?

Does the evo try to remote start the vehicle a 2nd time?
answered 1 week ago by Derek (240,940 points)
The vehicle starts, shuts down, then ignition remains 'on' as. Commanded by the module. I speculate the evo-all considers the vehicle on. S/N 001A07 256314 Can you reset the flash counter? We have tried to reflash it three times now.
If you unplug the 4 pin connector from the tb-vw and place the head of the key infront of the ignition barrell, does the vehicle remote start and stay running?
Yes. It starts fine. I can even pull the fob away from the barrel and the vehicle remains running.
Do you have another tb-vw you could plug in and try?
Unfortunately I do not. Bought this one kit for the car and that's all I have.
enable diesel mode, D1.3
It's not a diesel? What would diesel mode do?
It will give the module more time to perform all the required tasks at start up, definetly worth trying that option.