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2018 Ford Edge will not crank.

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Installed Evo-All with Thar-3 into a 2018 Ford Edge push to start, using guide 68921. Module # 001A07 017412, no RF kit installed. Using the OE remote on the lock-unlock-lock, the dash will power up and park lamps will turn on like it wants to start.

Unit will not crank, after the second attempt, the lights will flash 3 times indicating. Changed setting D4 to hybrid on/tachless mode, and the vehicle will act like it turns on and park lights will stay illuminated. Still does not crank.

Have the black 4 pin, white 20 pin, white 5 pin, red  6 pin connecters all attached. I believe I have all the required wiring connected.

Installation shows one end of the black 4 pin going to a remote starter with AVEC Data-Link? Does this need to be connected to something? Tried to tie it into the diag connector temporarily as shown without data-link with no change. Will this Evo-All not act as a remote starter? What am I missing?
asked 1 week ago in Ford by Cory Schwarz (200 points)

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please reprogram module back to the vehicle, once programmed, start  the vehicle normally with the PTS button and brake and let it run 10-20 seconds.

Shut vehicle off, exit vehicle, close all doors hood and  trunk, no keyfobs in the vehicle or check engine lights or any other warning lights should be on.

Attempt to remote start the vehicle.

DATALINK is a communication protocol used between bypass modules and remote starter systems, DO NOT connect these wire to the vehicle itself,  "AVEC" is the french word for "With"


If the remote starter option is visble in the instrument cluster options, please go through the options and make sure remote starting is enabled
answered 1 week ago by Jesus Monroy (57,180 points)
selected 1 week ago by Cory Schwarz
Thank you! That was all it needed, after starting normally, it works as it should. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Thanks again!