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installation for gmc sierra 2021 pts

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need info for evo one and gmc sierra pts 2021      other brand have solution ( idatalink )
asked 2 weeks ago in GMC by jacques lacombe (400 points)

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Do this car at your own risk, test wires first.

I've done this car with fortin. Sometimes fortin models can do a lot of cars that are not menioned in the list, I've done Subarus, Jeep and GMC as well,

flash to 70.[41].

locate the

  • can green wire,
  • push start blue/green (1k ohm resister in series)
  • immo green/purple,
  • purple black for ignition,
  • brake blue/yellow,
  • and 1v2+.

Good luck.

answered 2 weeks ago by Haidar Jabbar (12,850 points)