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Interior lights are coming on and off, radio on and off, cluster on and off

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When remote start is activated, the interior lights will come on and go off when Remote Start is activated.  They do this every 15-20 seconds/ the radio comes on and goes off/ the IPanel splash screen comes on and goes off/ they do it separately from each other.  Happens the entire time Remote Start is in control of the vehicle.  Once I retake control, the interior lights behave normal, radio normal, IP cluster splash screen normal.  I have a 30 second video if you would like to see.  

I do not recall this happening when I installed it.  I only noticed it a few days ago.  All wiring was soldered, except for the 3 1ohm resistors to the push button start switch.

2021 Sienna Hybrid


Serial # - its installed in the vehicle.
asked 2 weeks ago in Toyota by john long (130 points)
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Please send us the 12 character SN number of the evo module, it will let us see if any option/function was activated by error.
answered 1 week ago by Jesus Monroy (57,180 points)
Alright. I had a feeling you would need that.  I will have to take apart the dash to get the SN.