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2012 lancer se

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Hi there

about a year ago I purchased evo-one for my mitusbishi lancer se 2012 it was working fine until i stop using it for 2 months I updated the firmware to the latest. when I tried to reset it and reprogram it the lights flash but the engine doesn't want to turn over. I get a warning that my driver side door is open which its not and the when I hit the button on the key the first time the red lignt next to the reset switch flash raipdly when i hit it the second time it slows down and the third it turns off

now on the module itself the three leds first the blue then the red goes soild then the yellow and back to blue flashing

I want to know how can I downgrade the firmware for the remote starter and bypass. because I think that what making it not work right


Thank you
closed with the note: aftermarket LED brake lights causing feedback on brake circuit resulting in no start.
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When logged into flash link click on the gear in the upper right hand coner, then click "go to pro mode".


Once the screen re loads, directly under the listed version it will say "view other firmwares" simply click that and you can roll back the version.


Please note that when changing firmware you must re program the entire unit this includes dcryptor if applicable.
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Ok here is the update


I got it to unlocked I cleared the decryptor from the module I did the process all over and this is what I got.


I made two videos!Ao_rnD42lUszlH5dpdGiW9DDqPX6!Ao_rnD42lUszlH0QicWj12taV-sc

Im not sure what am I doing wrong but I got all the wiring correct but still wont over turn.

Edit: Hey derek would it be possible to contact me and to help me out.


You can call our tech number and ask for me, I would be happy to assist you. 1-877-336-7797


a few things from the videos:


- your hood is open, please close the hood and re try 3x lock.

- if it still wont crank then you would want to try the 74.22 i mentioned previously, this will require you to re program but after you turn the key off the led should just go out and program is done, try the system.

- Im not that familiar with all of the lancer's features but if your vehicle is equipped with the interior motion sensor, you would also not want to be sitting in the vehicle when attempting remote start.

- lastely if it still didnt crank at 74.22 you would want to next check the starter output too see if it is trying to energize the circuit or not.
Ok the hood is disconnected from the ecu meaning if I open it up it wont give me a warning that the hood is open but I will enabled it back on second is that I checked the remote start and where it say program output is not highlight meaning nothing checked off its why its disabled

I downgrade to 74.22 and Im having major problems with the module. Guess I am going to have to purchase another one and get rid of this one since its useless to me.


Thanks for the help.

Using version 74.22.

Turns out the client had installed LED brake lights that were feeding back causing the evo to see a brake signal.


Re installed OEM bulbs and vehicle remote started successfully.


Thank you for your patience petey JR.


Best Regards.
Goodevening Derek

I want to say thanks first and formost for helping me out here i wish i could give you a hug for helping out but instead I hugged my laptop haha. I didn't expect this to happen due to leds  feedback loop. I found out something interesting I took out one of the led bulbs and replace it with the oem bulb and it started up. Alittle supprised but ok. I don't have no loader on the rear tail lights. I havn't installed a load resistor onto it to see if it can bypass if it can well there something new to add to the list of things or find a way to bypass the feedback loop.