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2015 malibu solid blue instead of flashing

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2015 malibu. During install at step 9 of step 3 of instructions, the blue light stays solid at the end instead of flashing rapidly as described. Using harness that was included for my vehicle with the order on a evo-all
asked May 22 in Chevrolet by cm dobson (130 points)

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did you flash the module foryour specific vehicle ?
answered May 22 by Haidar Jabbar (8,650 points)
I purchased the module and t harness from MPC auto. The instructions stated not to flash it due to it already being flashed for my specific vehicle. I performed a continuity as well as a wiggle test on the harness to rule out any shorts or open circuits earlier so I guess that will be my next step.
call customer support to help you
I had submitted a ticket with them Friday was hoping to get support on here since customer service wasn't open over the weekend when I was off. Finally got it figured out. There was a bad connection in the white A20 module plug
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If you are using a GMT1 harness, make sure you connected the CAN-SW as shown in the diagram.


If the unit came from mpc you can always contact their customer support as well:
answered May 24 by Derek (224,570 points)