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Antenna cable RFK942

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Is the antenna cable the same for all rf kits? I want to avoid ripping out my panels and just replace the antenna on the windshield using the same cable. The one I have currently there is for the RF751W or FTX-75. The cable for the RFK942 looks the same four pins connector on the web. Just want to be sure before jumping in!


asked May 13 in Toyota by Mario Gomes (240 points)

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It should be the same unless its an old first generation fm antenna, then the cable wont be the same and will need to be replaced.


Youll know once you get it and compared the connectors. they will either match up or they wont.
answered May 13 by Derek (224,570 points)
selected May 20 by Robb
Thank-you Derek! I really appreciate your expertise! I'm learning a lot! You are 100% correct! I will only know for sure once I get it! I figure since I could read 3/20 as the date on the Evo One module hidden in my dash that it shouldn't be that older generation, but that only by seeing connector up close will I know for sure.
They are indeed they same!! Thank-you Derek for all your help! I have updated the FTX-75 to the newer and more powerful RKF-942! I love it!!
Glad to hear and glad you got it going!

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