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Updating to RFK942 from FTX-75

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I bought a used Toyota Yaris 2017 (H key). It came with the Fortin FTX-75 remote. Since it is outdated I wanted to update it to the RFK942, which has longer distance. Since I know the car has the Fortin Evo already wired in the car, can I just buy the RF kit, remove the old antenna and install the new antenna and program the remotes? Or does it need to be re flashed link by a pro at extra cost etc...

I'd have to undo everything to see where the Evo is because I don't know which Evo is in there but I'm assuming it's already set up for the FTX-75 with antenna, so if it's Evo All it has the harness and if it's Evo One is it good to go? Or is there a lower kit than the RFK942 that is similar to the FTX-75 that is a perfect match but newer version?


Just an average Joe trying to save a couple of bucks on a used car.

Any expert advice appreciated!!

Thank-you for your time!

asked May 11 in Toyota by Mario Gomes (240 points)
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If you can proivde the S/N to the module, I can let you know if the RF kit will work and if it is all you need.


The s/n is located on the back of the module.
answered May 11 by Derek (224,570 points)
Thank-you Derek for your kind help! I'm a noob at this and have no idea where the module is located. I looked  and searched under the driver's side and I can only see the valet button, but no module. I'm assuming it's behind the steering wheel cover? I'll have to take that out and take a look.
Follow the valet button wires, it will lead you to the module.

I tried my best, but ultimately failed to get to the module. Scraped all my hands.  I removed what plastic I could then I stuck my head underneath. I could peer in and see the front side. It is far up above the trunk release near the air vent. Whomever installed it had it attached bomb proof! I tried to gently pull on the wires to see if it would move but no luck! They have it secured in there. I got a photo and of course the serial number is on the other side! angry

It says Fortin Evo All starter and under that in big letters it says Evo -ONE


Sorry, but thanks for your help anyway!

I understand, unfortunately without that info I cannot say if it will work or not or if you will need aditional parts.
It worked flawlessly with the already installed EVO ONE! All I had to do is add the RFK-942 antenna to the already installed cable and program the new remotes! The newer longer distance is amazing! No more freezing for me this winter! Thank-you Derek!