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Ground when running problem

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I'm having issues with remote starting on a 2016 Toyota 4Runner using a EVO-ONE with THAR-ONE-TOY9 T-Harness. I did a master reset for the bypass and remote start. I reprogrammed everything but it doesn't start. Following the guide on Flashlink, the LED doesn't turn on when I try to remote start. No LEDs turn on. The guide says there is a ground while running problem. I'm not sure how to proceed troubleshooting because it says to make sure the "Blue wire on the module is connected", but there is no Blue wire on the module.
asked 1 week ago in Toyota by Jimmy Inta (160 points)

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What remote are you using ? If OEM.... 3xlock is not a supported feature on the 4Runner. It is not listed on the website under Advanced Features.  An RF-KIT is required per the the REquired Technology section.


Note... It is possible that setting the unit for Lock-UNlock-Lock would work. Option 38.5
answered 1 week ago by Robb (257,510 points)
Hi Robb, I have a following up question this answer.... does it mean if I am using evo one and 3xlock not supported per guide, so I can alternatively use the Lock-Unlock-Lock, is that always the case with most cars? Thanks
No, we do not list the DETECTION of the OEM remote at all for that. Therefore either 3xlock or lock-unlock-lock is not officially supported.


I said that because some techs have said that lock-unlock-lock worked for them.