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extra sensors on evo all

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have an evo-chrt5 on the way.  also installing a proximity sensor DEI 508d.


i have a 2017 jeep wrangler jku with factory alarm

i will be using the evo for remote start.

can i set up the evo alarm to active and then only use it for the proximity sensor?  will that mess with my factory alarm?

I will be using a DEI 508d proximity. since i don't have data-link  can i use the Ground (b4) and positive (b3) from the data link wires (that would be unused).  then hook up the trigger to (a3) dual stage trigger, purple/white.

any help you can provide to make this as much PnP as possible will be appreciatd
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A look at this guide in conjunction with your vehicle specific guide should answer the question :)
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