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2016 kia soul canbus

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On the evo one remote start is hooked up through can bus but seems to have a hard time with lock and unlock function . My question is if I have the can bus hooked up can I also hard wire the triggers in or is  it one or the other when being installed
Service Number : 002b07232976
asked Jul 4 in Kia by jeff panotes (570 points)

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door lock outputs are still functional even when doorlocks can be controlled via can.


If you are getting issues though with door lock control via can , this would indicate the module not learning correctly.  I would suggest a reset and relearn of the module.
answered Jul 4 by Robb (179,930 points)
ok will try that .I have noticed this for a while that when pressing the button on the rf kit sometimes it works and some times it dosent.

And have the can hooked up and hard wiring it in will not interfear with each other or cause any issues?