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WHICH IS THE CORRECT INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR 2015 NISSAN Sentra/Pulsar Right Hand Drive Standard Key ?

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Installed about July 2017
Using THAR-ONE-NIS2 Harness + Remote Start RF Kit?
I used Guide #33141 Rev 20151221 but I see that there is a New Guide #33141 Rev 20170222
I notice in the new guide that the Black wire to the Evo-One E4 goes to ground instead of to the THAR-ONE-NIS2 Harness.
I have a problem with the interior dome light. When all the doors are closed the interior dome light dims after 15 seconds but does not fully turn off.
This will cause a possible battery drain.
Could you please help me solve this problem.
Service Number : 002B07107175
asked Jun 28 in Nissan by Alan Heslington (150 points)

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the black wire from the 6-pin main harness needs to be grounded.. It's the main ground of the unit. Its not part of the harness, there will be a ring terminal o nthe end of it for you to ground it
answered Jun 28 by Robb (179,930 points)
Thank you Robb for your prompt reply. Great service.

Regards Alan.